The 2nd Missouri traveled to Shiloh, TN to participate in the National Event

We were the best fed outfit in camp that week, thanks to Ruffle's cooking.




Nathan and Leo helped with the medical corp and served as Leo's pack mules.





LOAD:  Bob, Tim, Chris and Greg prepare to fire on the enemy line.



The Saturday morning tactical was the most fun of the whole event.  The brave men of the 2nd Missouri caught the Federals trying to set up an ambush and drove them away.


A rolling battle down the road forced the Federals to retreat.





Following one artillery blast most of our company was desimated on the field including Captain Ron and 1st Sgt. Bob.


Charles with the Missouri Medical Corp came along with the battalion to provide aid to the wounded.




After the reenactment, some of the men toured Corinth and the National Battlefield at Shiloh and visited the major sites such as the "Hornet's Nest"