October 2008 was the Battalion Event near Steelville, MO which included a 3 day road march by the 9th MO Sharpshooters.



The weather was great and the comraderie was even better as we participated in the Huzzah Valley reenactment.  Three days prior to the reenactment, several from different companies joined the 9th Missouri Sharpshooters in a 22 mile road march to the event site.





The road march went through some beautiful country as Autumn was just beginning to turn the leaves.  At times it seemed like it was all up hill.  Sgt. Diomede apparently has difficulty estimating length.  He exagerates inches and underestimates miles.





One lesson learned by those participating in the march was the definition of "foot sore" which is spoke about quite often in the Official Records. Any opportunity to bed down was greatly appreciated.






As we crossed the Huzzah River the group stopped to honor Captain Kimmel, who's memory the march had been dedicated.







During the Reenactment, members of the 2nd MO gather around the campfire for some good stories and great laughs.