"Confederates in the Attic" by Tony Horwitz devotes a chapter to a trip he took visiting Civil War sites. Captain Ron, Dan and Chris took a similar trip during the summer of 2008.  It was a once in a lifetime trip to be remembered for a lifetime.

The first stop on our Civil Wargasm was to Gettysburg to participate in the 145th Anniversary Reenactment.  Captain Ron, Dan, and Chris were joined by Greg, Tim and Mike at the reenactment and had the oppoutunity to tour Gettysburg.







The group visited the new Visitors Center as well as several sites at the National Battlefield including Devils Den, Little Roundtop and the Angle.






















The second stop on the trip was Antietam,  one of the best preserved National Battlefields.  Antietam Bridge and









Bloody Lane were two prominant sites  where more American soldiers lost there lives in a single day than in any other war.












Stop three was Harper's Ferry which was the site of John Brown's attempt to start a slave revolt. 











Stop number four was at Manassas Nation Battlefield which was the site of two major battles during the civil war.









Stop number Five was at Fredricksburg which included the Chatham Estate, where the trio was given a private tour of the home by a National Park Historian.  The estate is the only place that can claim that both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln both slept there. 








The stop also included the Sunken Road, one of the greatest Confederate victories during the Civil War.









Stop number six was at Chancellorsville where the South lost one of it's greatest military leaders, General Stonewall Jackson.  Captain Ron points out the spot where Jackson was mistaken as the enemy and was shot by his own troops.






Stop number seven was at the Wilderness where many soldiers on both sides were consumed by flames as fires spread across the woodlands during the battle.








Spotsylvania was stop number eight where the trio walked the Bloody Angle on the west side of the Mule Shoe where some of the most fierce hand to hand combat of the Civil War took place.








Then it was on to Richmond, stop number nine, the Confederate Captal during the Civil War, where the trio visited the Confederate White House, the Museum of the Confederacy and Tredegar Ironworks.









Stop number ten was Petersburg where the Union army waged a ten-month campaign to sieze the city. 









It is also the site of the Crater where Union engineers dug under the Confederate lines.   A scene most recently recreated in the movie "Cold Harbor"







Lexington, VA was stop number eleven on the wargasm as the trio headed Westerly towards home.  Lexington is the home of the Virginia Military Institue and Washington and Lee University. 















The trio toured VMI as well as the final resting place of Robert E. Lee and the cemetery where Stonewall Jackson is buried.













As the trio headed towards Missouri they crossed through Tennessee making stop number twelve their final stop at Ft. Donaldson.  Ft. Donaldson was the site of General U.S. Grant first major victory, securing control of the Cumberland River.