Prairie Grove
Eight members of the 2nd Missouri joined nearly 800 reenactors on December 6-7 at the Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas




The Battle of Prairie Grove reenactment took place at the Prairie Grove State Battlefield on the grounds of the original battle.









The company waits in front of the Bordan house to engage the enemy who are in the valley below the house.









The 2nd joined the 3rd MO Inf and camped in the orchard, where some the heaviest fighting occurred during the orginal battle.










The Gale clan (Chance, Tommy, Chris and Stephen) from Licking are a welcomed addition to the 2nd.  Steven has previously been a member of the 2nd.











The Union troups are gathering in the valley, preparing for an attack by the Missouri Boys.







Payday was a welcomed sight as troup received two months pay.  Thirteen dollars a month doesn't last long as some found out while playing cards.