Burning of Dayton
One of the best small community events we've ever attended started the 2008 reenacting season




After a winter away from reenacting, members of the 2nd MO were excited to smell gun poweder and smoke once again.









Captain Ron doesn't share our excitement as he realizes how much we forgot over the winter.  He knows he has his work cut out to turn us into outstanding soldiers.









Captain Dave Broskie, his men, and the community went to great efforts to create a replica town for this event.








Camp cook, Ruffles and Captain try to decide if the visiting canine should be cooked or used as bed warmers.











Little Leo gets to carry a weapon for the first time this season but still has a free hand to help Ruffles keep his cap on straight.










Mike and the rest of us put on the blue uniform on Sunday as we protrayed the Kansas Redlegs who invaded Dayton.










As Union soldiers the crowd booed us as we past by on the way to drive the people out of town and to burn it down.