The Granddaddy of all Reenactments celebrated the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg on July 4-6,2008

Six member of the 2nd Missouri traveled to Gettysburg, PA to participate in the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Those who made the long trip were Captain Ulrich, Chris Magill, Dan Hill, Greg Walter, Tim Hanlin and Mike Powell.









On Thursday, prior to the battles, the group had time to tour the new Gettysburg Museum and the Battlefield.  Mike poses on top one of the boulders at Devil's Den with Little Round Top in the background.










Captain Ron was asked to lead one of the Company's of the Missouri Boys during the Gettysburg Campaign.









General Huckabee looks over the Trans-Mississippi troups as they march into one of the many battles they fought.










After the long drive and the just as long marches to the battlefield everyone welcomed the opportunity to get some rest.








It seemed like the line of troups stretched for miles with over 12,000 reenactors.  It was the largest event most of us had ever attended.  It's hard to imagine 60,000 troups at the original battle.







For July the temperature was cooler than normal with a light rain falling most of the time.  Staying dry and trying to sleep with the strange noises in the woods at night were two of the many challenges we overcame.









Attacking the Angle during Pickett's Charge was a fantastic experience for the men of the 2nd Missouri.