The Mocking Bird


2nd Missouri Infantry:                                               Volume '09                                                          Issue 1


2nd Missouri Battles

· Pea Ridge,AR—Mar ‘62

· Iuka,MS-Sept ‘62

· Corinth, MS—Oct ‘62

· Grand Gulf, LA-Apr ’63

· Port Gibson,LA-May’63

· Champion Hill,LA-May’63

· Vicksburg, MS Campaign –May-July ‘63

· Atlanta  GA Campaign—June-July ‘64

· Allatoona Pass, GA –Oct’64

· Franklin, TN  - Nov ‘64

· Blakely, AL—Apr ‘65









                           COMPANY WINTER MEETING

      The 2nd Missouri winter meeting will be held Saturday, March 14th at the Community Center in Leonard, MO. 

     Members with items they wish to sell or trade should plan on being there by 11:00 am to set up their trade blankets.  Members wishing to  purchase high quality items should bring plenty of cash and arrive early to take advantage of the bargains.

     The meal will begin around noon.  Since  this is a contributive dinner, please bring something  to share with the membership.  Plates, bowls, cups and utensils will be provided.

     Following the dinner, the company will conduct it’s business meeting.  In order for the company to conduct business, according to our constitution it must have a quorum present, which is 50% of the members and 3 officers.  All members are urged to attend this important meeting.

 Items on the Agenda will include: 

 · Call to Order

· Approval of Minutes

· Treasurer’s Report

· Committee Reports

· Unfinished Business

· New Business

· Setting of Dues

· Raising of Veterans

· Voting on Organizational Officers

· Voting on Field Officers

· Voting on 2009 Events

· Other items of business from the floor.

· Adjourning



  The company dues, unless changed at the winter meeting will be $18 for single and $22 for family.  Active military  is exempt from paying dues.

These dues include membership in the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association (MCWRA) and subscriptions to the Western Campaigner and Mocking Bird.  The treasurer has until April 1 to submit member dues to the MCWRA, after that date you will have the option of paying $10 at each MCWRA event or joining MCWRA at your first event.

Come prepared for the winter meeting with your check or cash.  If you can’t attend, please send your dues to Betty Wilson, Treasurer, Rt. 1 Box 31, Revere, MO 63465 


Company Officers

Organizational Officers

President—Charles Chinn

Vice-President—Ron Ulrich Jr.

Secretary—Dan Hill

Treasurer—Betty Wilson


Field Officers

Captain—Ron Ulrich Jr.

Lieutenant—Dave Wilson 

1st Sergeant—Bob Allison

2nd Sergeant—Jeremy Chinn

1st Corporal—Leo Fikes    

2nd Corporal—Greg Walter




 Dayton, MO

Mahaffie Station: Olathe, KS

Keokuk, IA

Holden, MO

Stand of Colors—Kansas City, MO

Confederate Memorial Day—Higginsville, MO

St. Joseph, MO

Waverly, MO

Gettysburg, PA

Athens, MO

Lamoni, IA

Jerseyville, IL

Wentzville, MO

Mexico, MO

Huzzah Valley-Steelville, MO

Fortescue, MO

Palmyra, MO

Prairie Grove, AR




     In his book “Confederates in the Attic”, Tony Horwitz devotes a chapter to the Civil Wargasm.  Captain Ron, Dan and Chris had the opportunity to share this experience this summer.

     The trio spent a week traveling through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee visiting 10 National Battlefields and other historical sites.

     The first stop was at Gettysburg while participating in the 145th Anniversary reenactment.  They toured Antietam, Harpers Ferry, Manassas,  Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Chancellorsville,  the Wilderness, Richmond, and Petersburg Battlefields.  The group also toured the Museum of the Confederacy and visited the burial sites of Lee and Jackson in Lexington, VA.  On the way back to Missouri they stopped at Ft. Donaldson in Tennessee.

     It was a great experience to actually see the sites only previously visited though books, photographs and the internet.




What a great national event!  The many hours of travel and high gas prices this summer was a small price to pay for the lasting memories of attending the 145th Anniversary of Gettysburg.  

Six members of the 2nd joined other Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana boys to form one division of the Trans-Mississippi Brigade.  With over 12,000 fellow reenactors on field at the same time it was a once in a lifetime experience. 

Just as the Missourians distinguished themselves during the Civil War, so to did the group participating at Gettysburg.  Union Generals after the battles wanted to know who we were and where we were from because the weren’t accustomed to such hard fighting from the eastern boys.

Ron, Greg, Mike, Tim, Chris and Dan also toured the new visitors center and the battlefield.  The Angle, Little Roundtop and Devil’s Den were just a few of the sites the group visited.  All agreed that movies and pictures don’t do justice to the sites where so many gave the ultimate sacrifice




As the trees were just starting to turn in the Huzzah Valley, it made a beautiful backdrop for the Battalion event held along the banks of the Huzzah River. 

     Captain Ron and Dan began the event on Wednesday as they joined the 9th Missouri Sharpshooters on a 20+ mile campaign march, leading up to the weekend event.  As a part of the march the group paused as they crossed the Huzzah to honor and pay tribute to the late Captain John Kimmel of the 9th.  Following the march all had a better understanding of the term “foot sore” so often mentioned in letters by  Civil War soldiers.

     Once they arrived at the static camp, they were joined by Brad, Greg, Tim and the Gale Brothers and fell in with the 3rd Missouri.  They enjoyed excellent meals provided by the cooks of the 3rd, which lead to an argument about who had the best cook in the battalion.  Of course the 2nd felt that no one could out do Ruffles.  The challenge was issued to have a competition to decide the question.  Hopefully, Ruffles will be able  to display his talents at the Jefferson City  event in May




The 2nd Missouri had 8 men attend the event in December at Prairie Grove, AR.  We fell in with the 3rd Missouri and enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship.

     Even though the nights were cool, we managed to stay warm and enjoyed the sunny days fighting on the grounds of the original battle.  We camped in the orchard near the Borden House, which was the scene of some of the heaviest fighting during the battle.  As we sat around the campfire at night you could almost feel the presence of the soldiers so long ago who walked the same grounds which is now an Arkansas State Historic site.  Some even claimed to see strange lights moving across the orchard.

     The Gale clan from Licking came out in force and were a welcomed addition to the 2nd.  We look forward to serving with them at future events.  It was also nice to see Lonnie and Rusty who traveled all the way across the state to participate in this Battalion event.




 April 4-5: Shoal Creek

April 18-19: St. Joseph

April 24-26: Keokuk, IA

May 16-17: Jefferson City, MO

June 5-7: Kingston, MO

June 13-14: Centerville, IA

June 27-28: Jefferson Barracks—School of the Piece

September 5-6: Lamoni, IA

September 19-20: Holden, MO

October 17-18: Fortescue

October 17-18: Palmyra, MO

October 24-25: Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis

*MCWRA Maximum Effort Events in Bold