2nd Missouri Infantry Company Winter Meeting 

The 2nd Missouri winter meeting will be held Saturday, February 27 at the Community Center in Leonard, MO.  
Members with items they wish to sell or trade should plan on being there by 11:00 am to set up their trade blankets.  Members wishing to  purchase high quality items should bring plenty of cash and arrive early to take advantage of the bargains.
     The meal will begin around noon.  Since  this is a contributive dinner, please bring something  to share with the membership.  Plates, bowls, cups and utensils will be provided.
     Following the dinner, the company will conduct it’s business meeting.  In order for the company to conduct business, according to our constitution it must have a quorum present, which is 50% of the members and 3 officers.  All members are urged to attend this important meeting.
Items on the Agenda will include:
· Call to Order
· Approval of Minutes
· Treasurer’s Report
· Committee Reports
· Unfinished Business
· New Business
· Setting of Dues
· Raising of Veterans
· Voting on Organizational Officers
· Voting on Field Officers
· Voting on 2010 Events
· Other items of business from the floor.
· Adjourning
Company Dues 

The company dues, unless changed at the winter meeting will be $18 for single and $22 for family.  Active military  is exempt from paying dues.

These dues include membership in the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association (MCWRA) and subscriptions to the Western Campaigner and Mocking Bird.  The treasurer has until April 1 to submit member dues to the MCWRA, after that date you will have the option of paying $10 at each MCWRA event or joining MCWRA at your first event.

Enclosed in this mailing is a membership form for MCWRA and for the company.  Please fill out and bring with you to the company meeting.  If you can’t attend, please send your dues to Betty Wilson, Treasurer, Rt. 1 Box 31, Revere, MO 63465 

 Company Officers

Organizational Officers

President—Charles Chinn

Vice-President—Bob Allison Jr.

Secretary—Dan Hill

Treasurer—Betty Wilson

Field Officers

Captain—Bob Allison Jr.

Lieutenant—Dave Wilson

1st Sergeant—Greg Walter

2nd Sergeant—Jeremy Chinn

1st Corporal—Leo Fikes

2nd Corporal—Mike Powell


Summary of 2009 Events

2009 Season seemed a little lacking in the number of MCWRA and Battalion events in the State.   We didn’t even have a National event to drive hours and hours to attend.  Looks like 2010 is shaping up with some events to get us ready for the beginning of the 150th Anniversary in 2011-2015.

Shoal Creek, Liberty, MO

St. Joseph, MO

Keokuk, IA

Jefferson City, MO

Confederate Memorial Day—Higginsville, MO

Waverly, MO

Kingston, MO

Centerville, IA

Hulston Mills, MO

Lamoni, IA

Holden, MO

Mexico, MO

Fortescue, MO

 What I Did On My Summer Vacation

      Returning from a business trip to Louisiana,  I had the opportunity this summer to visit 5 sites in Mississippi where men of the 2nd Missouri fought.  At Grand Gulf, the 2nd helped to construct artillery emplacements and defensive positions.  They fought Grant’s troops at Port Gibson at the beginning of the Vicksburg campaign.  At Champion Hill the 2nd along with the 1st Missouri Battalion drove back Grant’s troops in a pivotal battle of the campaign, but due to a lack of reinforcements had to fall back.   They were routed at Big Black River and retreated to the defense of Vicksburg.  At Vicksburg they helped to repel Sherman’s Corp and maintained their position until Vicksburg fell. 

Centerville, IA 

Once again the Centerville, IA event was a success, thanks to Larry and Pat Reed for all of their hard work and dedication to the event. 

     The 2nd Missouri came out in large numbers to support the event and to conduct their summer meeting.  Twenty-one members of the 2nd were present for the company meeting.  The treasurer’s report showed a balance of $1170.01.

Unfinished Business: Battle Shirts-  it is of mutual agreement that they do not like the material. Greg Walters moved not to make the shirts out of that material, Betty Wilson seconded.  Bob Allison said that 99% of the events are early war and if you want a battle shirt get with Lonnie, since we all dress differently. No formal discussion made.

The first flag is progressing; Lonnie has it cut out and is ready to piece it together.



Despite a small Battalion showing, the 2nd Missouri showed up in good numbers to be one of the larger companies in attendance at the Holden event.  Getting the summer months out of the way, the 2nd was happy to once again to gather around the campfire and renew old friendships.

     1st Sergeant Walter did an excellent job taking command of the company, leading it in battles on Saturday and Sunday.  The excellent location on Lake Holden was only surpassed by the sunshine and beautiful weather.  The company was also blessed to have Chuck “Ruffles” Holland attending, who once again entertained us with his wit and kept us filled with his campfire cooking.  A large number of 2nd Missouri women and children helped to round out our numbers. 


Houston Encampment

     Even though it rained on us most of the event, the Houston Encampment in October was a great event.   In preparation for the 2010 MCWRA Maximum Event in 2010, members of the 2nd Missouri set up an encampment to give the locals a taste of the future event.  Stephen and Tommy Gale have been working closely with the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce to organize the October 15-17, 2010 event.

    Ron, Wesley and Dan joined them at the encampment which included a visit from students at Raymondville on Friday.  On Saturday over 100 local residents came out to tour the camp and visit with the 2nd.

     The local newspaper sent a reporter to covered the event.  Local history buffs and collectors spend most of the day Saturday visiting with the members and sharing interesting historical facts about Texas County during the war.

     If the amount of interest shown at the encampment is any indicator, there should be a lot of public support and attendance at the event in 2010. 

      Upcoming Events for 2010

As of press time, these are the 2010 events that are known.  By company meeting there should be more events posted.

March 20-21: Battalion Muster—Ash Grove

April 23-24: Doniphan, MO

April 24-25: Plattsburg, MO

April 24-25: Keokuk, IA

May 15-16: Newtonia, MO

June 12-13: Hulston Mills

September 3-5: Lamoni, IA

September 25-26: Pilot Knob, MO

October 2-3:  Join the 1st—New Madrid, MO

October 15-17: Houston, MO

December 4-5: Prairie Grove, AR


Photos from the January 2010 Mockingbird.
 First event of 2009 was at Shaol Creek in Liberty, MO.  Captain Bob and others enjoyed the luxury of staying in a nice log cabin.
Welcome Wesley Braswell, an archeology student at SEMO, who has attended several events since joining up with us at Kingston.
Company dues can be sent to Betty Wilson if you can't attend the meeting.  She's the one not wearing the "pink" hat at Jefferson City.
Lt. Wilson decides that a mechanized infantry would be more effective at Jefferson City.
May he rest in piece.  Tim was executed at the Jefferson City event for drunkeness as well as other persistant offenses
Stephen, Tommy and Ron recruiting at Roby, MO.
Artillery emplacements at Grand Gulf.
General VanDorn is buried at a cemetery in Port Gibson, MS.
This marker designates Champion Hill as a National Historic Site. It is located where the 2nd Missouri engaged in battle.
Big Black River was swollen just as it was during the original battle.  Many died trying to swim across to escape the federal army.
Listening to orders from Col. Cockrell at Vicksburg National Military Park.
Company meeting at the Centerville, IA event.
The 2nd Missouri putting on a show at Centerville, IA.
The 2nd Missouri engaged in battle at Centerville, IA
Lonnie enjoying a cup of coffee while Ruffles perpares breakfast.
A good group of women and children were in attendance at Holden.
1st Sgt. Walter perpares to lead the troops at Holden, a MCWRA and Battalion Maximum Event.
Ron visits with student from Raymondville during the Houston Encampment.
Ron wisits with on of the collectors who showed up with samples of their collection.  One collector, who's land was once a Union camp, brought seveal items he had found.
The Missouri Battleflag marked the location of the recruitment camp at the Houston Encampment.
Pioneer Heritage Farm in Doniphan, MO will be the site of a Living History/Reenactment on April 23-24.
1st Cpl. Fikes drills recruits at the Holden event.