The following is a set of quidelines members of the 2nd Missouri are expected to follow.
These guidelines are established to promote a safe and enjoyable environment for you and your fellow reenactors.



  • Absolutely no ammunition is allowed in camp or on the field.

  • The firearm must be in proper functioning order.

  • Ramrod is free to be pulled from its secured location.

  • Ramrods are not to be used in the field unless ordered by the commander.

  • Barrel is free of obstructions.

  • Hammer is fully released upon depressing the trigger.

  • Hammer screw is secure.

  • Nipple is free of obstruction and is firmly seated.

  • Overall appearance of the weapon is clean.

  • The bayonet must be firmly secured in its scabbard.

  • Bayonet scabbard must have a metallic tip attached.

  • A knife must be firmly secured in its sheath.

  • Percussion Caps should be carried in a sturdy leather cap pouch.

  • If you carry a powder horn/ flask as part of your impression, it must be empty or contain non-explosive materials.


  • Should be rolled in soft paper and contain no foreign substances.

  • Should contain no more than 75 grains of FFF or FF Black Powder.

  • Should be carried, individually, in a cartridge box containing tin inserts.

  • Should be carried, packaged, in a paper wrapping of sturdy construction.

Footwear must be of sturdy construction with soles firmly attached to the upper.

Canteens must be kept full of water.

If an emergency medical condition occurs or is observed on the field, the soldier should call out “Medic” so that the activities will stop, and proper medical care can be administered.

Additional safety guidelines are listed in the probation guidelines.

Second Missouri Probation Guidelines

(Revised January. 27, 2007)

Keep in mind that reenacting is a hobby, by our own free will.

Civil War reenacting is a Military hobby and must be treated as such.

Civil War reenacting is a Family hobby and should be treated as such.

You must follow 2nd Missouri; Company K and MCWRA guidelines and safety procedures.

You must follow the Woman's guidelines, which pertains to you.

You will not cause embarrassment to 2nd MO or to the MCWRA.

If you have rank or authority in 2nd MO, know what it consist of and do your duty to the best of your ability.

Good physical and mental health or a Doctor wavers stating that you can participate as a Civil War reenactor.

You must maintain a 1860's: Tent, Clothing, Camp site, Equipment, Weapon(s), Eye Wear, Manners, etc., during open camp hours.

It is your responsibility to let someone know where you will be, during open camp hours, when leaving camp.

If joining 2nd MO as a non-soldier, you will need to be classified as one of the following: (Medical, Civilian, Scout, Musician, Cook, Servant or Camp follower; and dress and act the part.)

If you do not know how to do something, ASK.

Veteran members will give advice in a proper manner.

New members should listen to sound and safe advice of veteran members.

You must try to give respect to other reenactors, if they do not deserve respect, stay away from them.

Give respect to the spectators, they are the lifeblood of future reenactments.

You are responsible for you own children.

You are responsible for any non-member, you should bring with you.

If you bring a non-member to dress out with 2nd MO, it is your responsibility to supply the needed items, not the other members of the company.

If you borrow something, return it the same way that you received it or make retribution for it.

Clean the weapon that you use, away from the company street.

If you carry a pistol, it is your responsibility to load it correctly and safely.

If you carry a pistol, it is your responsibility to know when and where to use it safely.

If you carry a sword, it is your responsibility to use it in a safe and prudent manner.

All belt knifes, must be checked and authorized by company command to be worn during a event.

NO one shall carry a boot knife, a pistol or any other form of weapon in their boot top.

NO bayonet will be carried, if it is missing the brass tip from the end of the scabbard.

If you do carry a period belt knife it must be fasten safely or tied into the scabbard.

NO one will ever draw a knife during a battle reenactment.

NO one will draw or fix their bayonet, without being ordered to do so, during a battle reenactment.

NO one will draw his ramrod, without being ordered to do so, during a battle reenactment.

NO one will fire their weapon at a point blank or unsafe distance, toward people or animals.

Clean up your own mess: Pick up your own trash, during the weekend and when you break camp.

NO crude remarks to anyone: If something must be said, say it in private &/or away from camp.

Modern swearing needs to be curbed. Watch what you say, this is the 1860's that we are portraying.

If you are put on a work detail; be on time and do the job correctly.

Anyone under the age of 17, must have permission of their guardian, to be alone with a non-relative adult away from camp. (Example: To go to the sutlers, into town, to the Ball, etc.).

Anyone under the age of 17, must have a guardian or adult sponsor to participate in events with 2nd MO.

If you drink alcohol, you are responsible for your own actions.

2nd MO will not be responsible for any underage drinking. Only the guardian and minor will be held responsible, if something should occur from the minors drinking &/or actions.

NO illegal drugs of any kind, will be allowed.

If you wear your period clothing away from the reenactment area, remember what your outfit stands for and be responsible for yourself and the reputation of 2nd MO.

NO physical fighting in or away from camp is allowed.

NO unauthorized talking in the military ranks.

It is up to you to supply a change of address to the company Secretary.

It is your responsibility to let someone know, if you can or cannot make a company event.

Bring food for yourself and your children or guests. Do not rely on 2nd MO or the event to supply your food.