To print out this form:  Go to attachments at the bottom of the page and select download.  Mail the completed form along with your dues to Treasurer Tim Hanlin, 802 N. Main St., Monroe City, MO 63456.  Company dues are due at the company Winter meeting. 



Single _____$20.00    Family_____$25.00       Age 65 or Over_____ $10.00

(Includes MCWRA Membership)

2nd Only Single ____$10  2nd Only Family___$15   Active Military _____$0.00

(Article III of our Constitution states that you must pay Company Dues and MCWRA Dues to be eligible to vote or hold office)

 NAME: ____________________________________________________________

 ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________

 CITY:________________________________STATE:__________ ZIP:___________

 PHONE: (Home)_____________________ (Cell) ___________________________

 EMAIL:______________________________  Month and Date of Birth ________

(IF FAMILY, List additional family members that live with you and their month/date of birth)

_____________________________            ________________________________

_____________________________            ________________________________

_____________________________            ________________________________


2018 Missouri Civil War Reenactor’s Association

Membership Form

Membership Cost: $10.00 per family per year

_____  Renewal        _____ New     _____ Information Change

            Name  __________________________________________________________________________________

            Additional Family Names: ___________________________________________________________

            Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________

            City:  __________________________________  State: _______________________  Zip: ____________

            Phone:   (          )_________________________________

            Unit Affiliation:  2nd Missouri Infantry, Company K

            Email: __________________________________________________________________________________

MCWRA dues are due January 1st with a cutoff deadline of April 1st each year.

Danny Hill,
Dec 24, 2011, 9:40 AM