Centerville, IA
June 16 -17 the 2nd Missouri was well represented at the event at Centerville, IA
For a first time event, Centerville, IA did a great job of sponsoring an event.  There was plenty of good camping sites, firewood and water.  The 2nd Missouri made up the entire Confederate Infantry and along with Jenny we burned a lot of powder.  We were victorious both days.

The 2nd Missouri had an excellent turn out and a large company street which was protected by Jenny.

Lonnie Dover brought this flag to fly over camp.  He designed it from a description of a flag used in battle at Boonville.  It is the first national flag with the state seal in the center of the stars.

Sam did a great job of maintaining a period campsite and kept the troops well fed all weekend.

The troops prepare to take the  field to drive the federals off of the Iowa soil.

The 2nd Missouri's Jenny joined the Artillery in softening up the Federals before the Infantry took the field.

Lt. Wilson informs the men about the battle plan before leading them on to the field.

We suffered few casualities during the battle, but the Missouri Medical was well prepared to treat our injured.

Leo volunteered to be a powder monkey and to be treated during the medical demonstration.

Miranda and Sam give the troops a reminder about what they were fighting to protect.